Retrofitting: The Secret to Economical Displays​

In addition to great design, fast service, and award-winning displays, we offer a service you rarely find anyplace else – retrofit.

By retrofitting, we can convert an unused or outdated display to an entirely new look, or refurbish and redeploy an aging display. Although the option to retrofit usually doesn’t cost more up front, it offers a lot of flexibility down the road and saves a lot of time and money compared to creating a new display from scratch.

When retrofitting a display, we can give it a simple face-lift with new graphics and structural overlays to update branding or highlight a new promotion. We can even add or remove parts to feature a completely different product.

We always discuss the option to retrofit with our clients during the design phase.

Retrofit Benefits

Depending on the type and size of the original display, a simple graphic transition and product change-out will cost about 15%-30% of the original display. Production times are much faster, and it’s less expensive to ship a smaller display update than an entire new display.

In the end, you get a brand-new display that offers maximum visual impact with minimal cost and time investment.

Retrofit Design Process

Retrofitting an existing display requires a POP company that understands the process. Having retrofitted over 30,000 displays, our designers and engineers have it down to an artistic science.

1 – We work directly with our clients to learn what can stay, what should go, and what must be added.

2 – We evaluate the display to see what we can reuse then develop renderings and specs to review with the client.

3 – We fabricate the display and test all materials to ensure the update will work. We even document installation instructions and digital copies to go with the shipment.

4 – We pack and ship the new kit directly to the store (or to field reps, if preferred).

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