5 Often Overlooked Opportunities for a POP Display

*We created this permanent display to feature keyboards, mice, and speakers, offering a great cross-sell opportunity for Logitech products in Staples stores.

A retail point-of-purchase display is a powerful way to showcase your brand and encourage shoppers to buy out of impulse. It can also engage new customers who might otherwise miss your product in the sea of competition.

Traditionally, brands commission POP displays to announce a new product, advertise a promotion, or market for the holidays. Today we’re sharing five additional opportunities to give your brand an in-store boost.

1 – Introduce a New Feature

The best way to educate customers about a new product feature is to demonstrate it. We have created many custom displays that feature a demo model so customers can explore and learn about features. For products that can’t be included on a display, we can incorporate an LCD screen that plays a looping video, with or without sound.

2 – Cross-Sell Products

You already have a loyal brand following. Why not use that awareness to promote your other products? Presenting a lesser-known product with a top seller can offer a big brand awareness impact. Large POP displays offer a compelling showcase for products that market well together, such as computer keyboards and mice.  

3 – Advertise a Rebrand

Rebranding is a great opportunity to rekindle enthusiasm and spark new life in your products. Creating a point-of-purchase display to communicate your rebranding serves two purposes: to inform those loyal to your brand about changes, and to try to capture those who are loyal to a competing brand.

4 – Grow your Business

If your product is selling well, don’t just sit back and enjoy. Increase profits while you’re hot! Great displays enhance the shopping experience and encourage consumers to buy more, to check out the other products in your brand, and to share their experience with family and friends.

5 – Disarm the Competition

The beauty of a POP display is its ability to capture attention and spark interest in your product. What better time to do this than when a competing brand launches a new product?

What’s Your Next Display Opportunity?

Timing is everything. With years of market knowledge, we can help you launch your new display in the right place, at the right time. Get in touch for free consultation.

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